General Policies

General Policies The GIVEN is a social academic Q&A platform to improve student-learning experience and increase academic performance for K-16+ education by delivering cost effective, flexible, and highly accessible education services. Using smart and interactive educational online platform, we create a marketplace for academic questions and answers, free or paid for all types of students and a huge variety of subjects, including Math, Science, Social Studies, English, AP,Finance, Business and Grad school standardized tests.

Section 1. Question type There are two different types of questions: Basic Questions and Preferred Questions

a) Basic Questions: A Basic Question is free but it has a word limit of 250 words. It will be visible to all tutors and searchable in public search engines.

b) Preferred Questions: A Preferred Question does not have word limit and attachments are allowed. Student can post a Preferred Question with a price range starting at a minimum price of $0.80.

c) Private Function: This is a option for Preferred Questions. Students can choose this function to make their questions private and only visible to the invited tutors, so that their questions will not be searchable in search listing. Otherwise, their post will be open to public.

d) Urgent Function: There is an Urgent choice for Preferred Questions. When students select an urgent option, they will get charged an extra $2.50 at the end. In this way, their questions will be given higher priority in question listing and an Urgent symbol will be displayed on that particular question.

Section 2. Tutor Users

a) Registration and access A tutor needs to have a Paypal account to complete his/her registration. Once registered as a tutor, he/she will have access to

Dashboard: a summary of Q&A history and a display of latest bids

My Profile: to update personal information. Once a nickname is filled in, all other users can only see the nickname rather than real name. Tutors can update their skills in profile as well. Here, a tutor can set his/her personal rate for down payment required.

Verified Education: A verified tutor will be given higher priority in tutor listing once a student post a question so that he/she might have a better chance to win a bid. A Verified sign will appear on his or her profile. In order to become a verified, a tutor needs to provide Education Verification Document (Student ID, Alumni ID, Certificate or Diploma) and Identity Verification Document (Drive license, Passport or Government Issued ID). The GIVEN secures all private information. A notification email will be sent to the tutor about his/her verification status. Tutor cannot change their Verification details after the Admin confirms verification.

Browse Questions: A tutor can browse all questions related to his/her expertise.

Invited Questions: A tutor can view all invited question from students

My Answers: A summary and payment updates of all questions a tutor has been working on or completed.

My Students: A list of students that a tutor has worked with

My Balance: Balance report of all transactions. A tutor can withdraw his/her earnings here

b) Tutor rating
Students can rate a tutor by giving them one to five stars, with one as the least favorite and five as the most favorite. The tutor rating system is based on quality, friendliness, and quickness.

c) Tutor tiers Tutors have three different tiers

White Belt: Once a tutor signs up, he/she is automatically classified as White Belt

Blue Belt: Once a tutor completes 10 questions (either Basic or Preferred), a tutor automatically gets Blue Belt

Black Belt: This level is only for designated Blue belt tutor by The GIVEN. It would be based on tutor reputation, basic question answered, skill sets, and other conditions. Black Belt tutors are the recommended tutors by The GIVEN.

d) Withdraw money Tutor needs to have a Paypal account to withdraw their earnings. There should at least be $50 in their answer balance when a tutor can cash their credit amount.

Section 3. Student Users
a) Registration and access On Student login page, students may view and manage their accounts. Once login, a student will have access to the following functions:

Post Question: A student can post Preferred and Basic questions here. Details of different question types please go to Question Type section.

My Questions: A display of all questions asked by a student.

Dashboard: A summary or questions and payment process. A student can also check his/her GPA (GIVEN Performance Average) score here.

Browse Tutors: A student can view all tutors on The GIVEN here. Verified tutors will be listed with higher priority. A student can view any tutor profile set any tutor as Favorite.

My Profile: A student needs to have a nickname for privacy reason.

b) Refund policy (Only applies to Preferred Questions)

Once a student gets answer to his/her question, he/she will have a option to appreciation to tutor with dollar amount as Tips/Show Little Appreciation.If a student is not satisfied with the answer, he/she can send a withdraw request to admin. Admin will investigate each individual case and decide if dispute is reasonable or not. If a dispute is approved, a student will get the full down-payment refund (student will get refund in their Paypal account. Student needs to have at least $30 in their account to withdraw.) Otherwise, admin will release the 50% (by default) down payment to a tutor and begin to collect the rest 50% (by default) from student.

c) GPA GPA stands for GIVEN Performance Average, a percentage point representing student's payment credibility. The GIVEN will divide the a student's number of completed Preferred Questions by his/her number of total preferred questions, which will be this student's GPA.

Secion 3. Q&A Process After a question is successfully posted, it will be visible in question listing as Basic Question or Preferred Question. For Preferred Questions, tutors under the corresponding category can see and bid for those questions. At time of bidding, tutors need to provide the following information:

Price to solve the question

Time to solve the question

Message to the student that can increase chance to win a bid

Student can see all tutors who bid for their questions in their account. Tutors who have a Black belt will be shown as a recommended tutor and will be highlighted. Student then can choose their tutor. After accepting a bid, students can chat with the tutor who wins the bid. Once a student approve a bid, he/she will pay 50% down-payment at default in advance to solving question and the remaining 50% will be paid after a question is solved and satisfied by the student. Once a bid is accepted, the time countdown for tutor to solve a question will start. Paypal and credit cards are accepted for payment. After a question is solved, a student is able to rate and review the tutor for the answer and service.