About Us

What We Do

The GIVEN is a place for learning. It's a social network designed to ask and answer academic questions. We've created this platform for all grades K-12 and higher education. Through an innovative Q&A marketplace, we like to call Agora, The GIVEN provides a cost effective, flexible, and highly accesible education service. Questions can be asked for free or for a premium. Students can choose from a variety of subjects to learn from including: Math, Science, Social Studies, English, AP, Finance, Business and Graduate school standardized tests.

Our Story
It all started in 2014. Founders were volunteering in Baltimore City schools when they discovered a huge gap in education opportunities for children. Many of these students were struggling in school. To make matters worse, most of them could not afford to enroll in the necessary tutoring classes. But, most of them had access to a smartphone and the internet. This idea intrigued the two Johns Hopkins graduates to create an online academic Q&A platform. The GIVEN aims to improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of education to all kids. With Agora, learning becomes far cheaper than traditional tutoring services while also providing an innovative online tutoring marketplace.

Online Tutoring Marketplace

In contrast to traditional online tutoring websites, The GIVEN is an academic Q&A marketplace where you can get free or paid academic tutoring services. To get started, you simply post your questions and receive answers from a verified online tutor 24/7.

Expert Tutors From Around the World

The GIVEN allows students to learn from verified tutors from all around the world. This unique feature can maximize benefits for both students and tutors by creating a global and diverse learning space.

Our Mission

"To create an educational ecosphere that symbiotically enhances people's potential".

The GIVEN is passionate about education because it takes the innocent and boundless energy that all students possess to make change happen. Education equips students with the tools to fulfill their personal dreams and become productive members of our society. Most importantly, education is an forceful, transformative engine that allows students to improve and advance the society at large, which makes it a critical investment into our future.